Olympics – We Need to Stop This…

You cannot get more stupid than what China is doing with hosting the Winter Olympics – here are the arguments:

China does not allow any of the athletes to speak their mind about subjects that makes the government uncomfortable, and this policy does not conform with what the Olympic Committee states on their website:

“Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.”

China is paying huge sums of money for the right to host the games in a country where the great majority of people are seriously poor. That money is needed today for proper healthcare, education and social welfare, not for elite sports for the few…

They are paying huge sums of money to host the games that have no immediate connection to running the country’s social life or its economy. In fact they have closed down large parts of the whole country with Zero Tolerance for Covid during the games!

Both China and the Olympic Committee are not holding up “universal fundamental ethical principles”.

These Winter Games are just another example of greed and power grabbing, in other words, we should quietly turn our backs on them and demand that our public broadcasters stop paying our cash for such games when monstrous sums of money are wasted supporting corrupt organisations.

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