Christmas Scrooges – One-armed bandits systematically rob poor customers in biggest retail shops

This column was published almost 2 years ago and now the Finnish media have just realised what is going on and the politicians, the ones with vested interests, are being forced to take action… and it only took 2 years! Since then pensioners and other low income folk have been cheated out of huge sums of money and many are still addicted to these horrible machines!


Big Business Profits at Expense of Low Income Folk

The 2 biggest retail shops that have some 70% to 80% of the whole market and growing, like to be responsible and caring in the social sense.

Kesko, a stock exchange quoted company, is one of the two and they state on the first page of their website:

  1. Group bring ‘Girls Can’ donation cards to K-Citymarkets to support girls’ rights” – 7.12.2017, and
  2. “K Group supports Christmas fundraising campaign for families in need” – 05.12.2017.
  3. They also state in their website that they “want to make Kesko’s and K-stores’ responsible operations more visible to customers and tell them about our responsible operations with the help of the K-responsibility concept.”

The other group, the S-Group, is a cooperative, also has these statements on its website:

  1. “The purpose of S Group’s operations is to provide co-op members with competitive services and benefits in a profitable manner.”
  2. “By lowering prices, we are growing the sales of domestic products and increasing consumers’ purchasing”
  3. “As social inequality increases, there is more demand for food that cannot be sold but is still edible. Our goal is to ensure that edible food products are used for meals. This will also reduce food waste. That is why we are seeking additional charitable partners.”

Reading the above you would think that they are doing their utmost to ensure that the poor, pensioners on small pensions and other low-income folk would get special treatment at their shops – and they do…

… each shop has one armed bandits in a neat row just by the entrance and cash registers to sap up every last penny of these people.

FinnishNews has spoken with a number of shop-keepers from both groups and understand that annual earnings targets are set for these one-armed bandits!

This is how both groups support the rights of the low-income folk and pensioners who are the very same people who stand in front of these betting machines and lose lots of their hard-earned money.

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