Oodi Library killed Guggeheim

The new Oodi Library Building in Helsinki is a wonderful architectural building of which Finns should be proud.

It is much more than a library – it is a centre of culture where people can work, can sit quietly, have a coffee, watch busy Helsinki’s buzz, stretch out in the sun on the balcony, join a babies’ corner, meet others for a chat, or borrow a book.

The building is outstanding and in the right place next to the train station, near the fantastic new Amos Rex Art Museum, right opposite Helsinki’s newest open garden park, Parliament House and the new Music House.

It was built in record time while a few misguided rich bankers were trying to get taxpayers to fork out millions and millions for a Grotesque Guggenheim Art Museum where they could wear bow ties with cocktails with their mates, while the workers could look inside with their noses pressed against the thick glass windows… Thanks goodness nothing came of that farce…

Oodi has already seen over 2 million visitors since opening a year ago an that must be anew world record for any library, but Finns have always like reading…

… and did you know that it has been voted winner of the 2019 Public Library of the Year Award by the International Federation of Library Associations!

Not bad… here is their website

Photo: Maarit Hohteri

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