Opening a Bank Account is in Middle Ages

It is terrible that ordinary people are made to feel like you are a terrorist or criminal when you try to open an account or make a large payment!

It is the same when you enter an airport and go through what they call “security”.

Ordinary people should not be subjected to this unnecessary harassment for the following reasons:

  1. Hardened or determined terrorists and criminals have many other solutions that can avoid these so-called “security checks”. There are many ways to launder cash and move money in digital and in physical ways. They can also travel by boat and road vehicles to avoid airports, as well as use private planes and ships. The lack of policing and border control resources provides ample opportunities for organized crime and terrorists to flourish. Meanwhile, ordinary folk are subjected to ineffective and costly systems that fail to catch the bad people.
  2. How many people are criminal or terrorist suspects when opening an account with a bank? Almost every person in Finland has had bank account from an early age and every payment we make is perfectly transparent to the bank and to the taxman – the latter having easy access if they suspect that Mr. Finn is moving money with paying his due taxes. Moving your main account or opening another in another bank subjects the client to a three-page questionnaire about every private detail of his or her life! This is a nonsense and a complete waste of time and resources. If I already have an account, then why do I need to repeat all this stuff again and again? Passports, driving licenses and national health cards do not need to be renewed each time I travel abroad, drive a car, or go to the doctor and chemists! Why cannot we ben issued a digital identity for all three which automatically gives me the right to open an account at every bank in the EU?
  3. If somebody is caught cheating the above system it would be easy to cancel his digital identity for a set time, depending on the seriousness of his or her offence…
  4. Naturally, anyone who is a criminal convicted of violence would have a more limited identity to travel, and open bank accounts. Crime should not pay, especially violent crime…

Meanwhile the costs savings from less intrusions can be applied to catching more terrorists and criminals!

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