Ouch! True Finns Dislike Free Speech & Foreigners

Run to your bomb shelters… The leaders of the True Finns, who share some interesting similarities to George Orwell’s anthropomorphic farm animals, have blasted their fog horns loud and clear in recent public statements:

  1. You must not address them with names they don’t like because they will sue you in court… (use your Imagination to coin up a few obvious alternatives, or see below).
  2. They don’t like the Finnish Broadcasting Company called “YLE” because they are not repeating the required text from the True Finns’ recent election manifesto… (use your Imagination to coin up a few obvious alternatives, or see below).
  3. They are really, really scared and they are now warning everybody that they will lose their jobs in Parliament and as Ministers because we are in real danger that people born in other countries are trying to take over all these positions to make this country like… (use your Imagination to coin up a few obvious alternatives or see below).

These guys and girls are big influencers these days because they are in government here in Finland along with the Conservative Party. They must be getting really big in Tik Tok!

So we must assume that free speech is something they can do, but the rest of us must fall in line and tape over our mouths…

… and if they change things at our big TV station, then we must be satisfied to watch nice Christian family vintage films à la 1950s, while serious uniformed men in high leather boots march along our streets keeping us safe from foreign devils…

P.S.  We obviously have a lot to learn from Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Russia… who needs the EU, NATO, and the Nordic Model?

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