Poland buys Saab’s Anti-submarine Training System

Under the agreement concluded last week by the Polish Ministry of Defence’s Armaments Agency, Saab Dynamics AB of Sweden will deliver the AUV 62-AT training system to Poland in 2024 for its naval crews, as Warsaw boosts its defence spending amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The system is designed for advanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training of ship crews and naval aviation is an effective alternative to a real submarine. It uses an unmanned underwater vehicle that serves as a target by mimicking the acoustic profile of a submarine.

“The target delivers both active and passive signatures delivering end-to-end ASW training from initial detection, through tracking to engagement and allows ASW torpedo firings to be conducted,” Saab said.

AUV 62-AT is operated by other NATO navies ”and is currently the most advanced training solution offered on the market,” the Polish Ministry of Defence said.

The deal is worth around € 6.4 million according to the Ministry.

In November, Poland signed EUR 620 million worth of contracts with Saab for two signal intelligence ships for the Polish navy.

Here is a video of the AUV62-AT-system: https://bit.ly/3Yu1Ewb

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