“Pretending Green” or “Shit Greedy” Investors?

Storms, draught, fast meting glaciers, floods and forest fires that we have never seen before are now occurring in all 5 continents…

They are caused by fossil fuels used in coal fired power plants, for transport, and in heavily intensive energy guzzlers like steel and paper mills. They are all big polluters that emit greenhouse gases that are damaging our existence on this planet. 

Most of us know that in 10 years time things will be much worse than today if nothing changes because we continue to emit more every day…

Most of us know that the damage accumulates and things get worse, meaning that in 20 years time we may well see massive environmental destruction and huge numbers of deaths because nothing appears to slow down emissions today…

… and banks and others who finance these exhaust pipes are now claiming that they are turning “Green” and “Sustainable” – with ECG, Green Bonds, CSR, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)… they are all there to fool you, so don’t be fooled… read on…

But does your correspondent know better than others? 

Well, let’s think about India, China, and America – they may say that they care about emissions, but they continue to build more and more of these bad investments that will end up emitting more shit into the atmosphere.

I remain totally unapologetic about the use of the word “shit” because that is exactly what it is – a defecation from us here on the ground to the clouds up above. Oil companies, coal miners, fossil fuel addicts, and energy companies live of this stuff to fill their own pockets and those of their financiers – thus shitty greedy is an appropriate description…

The main power of behind these big investments is money, and the people who control the flows of money are the financiers. If they decide that the investment is not too risky then they will finance it. 

Risks for them are either external or internal risks. The return on their investment can be threatened by internal or external risks. 

Internal risks, like poor planning or weak organisations, that cause higher costs or lower revenues can be limited by better management. They are not considered to be the biggest issue because they can always be addressed quickly. 

External events are not easily limited, but are assessed by financiers according to their  probability. Catastrophic weather, war, or meteorites are still regarded to be rather improbable because the last big wars took place 70 years ago, and flooding, storms, draught, and forest fires are still not too common or too extreme for financiers to be too concerned about. If you can get a fat return over the next  5 to 7 years then who cares about the rest of us getting fried?

Financiers are normally bankers and investment funds managers who make these decisions based on feasibility (risk probability) studies produced by or for those who want to implement these investments.

Power plants, steel mills, airline and vehicle factories, oil and gas wells, oil refineries, coal mines, paper and board mills, etc., all require huge sums of money every decade for new investments and maintenance. Their life cycles are long between ten and twenty years, but no project will be approved if the whole investment is not recovered well before then! 

So we are still seeing plenty of new investments that will be increasing the accumulations of harmful greenhouse gases building well beyond the time that the whole investment is recovered plus substantial profits. 

OPEC, Russia, the USA and many more are pumping out fossil fuels and selling them to those who invest in keeping the economy rolling. They do that because there are no limits yet, except for some squeaks from Greta, and a few others, but the financiers and their customers just don’t want to listen, because shit greedy has the upper hand and the biggest lobby.   


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