Public Heat & Private Water – You Pay!

Record temperatures have been seen now throughout Oregon, Washington and British Columbia and an all-Canada record has been set just 0.5C short of 50C! That is just 15C to 20C degrees cooler than my sauna where things get uncomfortable after 15 minutes of sitting there…

Things have got really hot in that circle in the map above, and soon in the rest of the USA will be frying. The Americans were lucky to have Trump who has one more gold medal record for his mantlepiece in Florida’s Mar-a-Largo.

Joe Biden will have to try a lot harder to cool things down. His policies so far are just fanning the Californian forest fires…

… and nobody can see Trump raking the forest floor yet!

Farmers in California can make more money by selling a dwindling supply of water. Private ownership of water in the USA is great for the owners when they control the supply. They will soon be charging the US government for water to douse the flames – a great business for those owners.

It is the same in Australia, where farmers are also seeing draught conditions and high water prices from private owners. They are fortunate to have a new Trade Deal with the UK – they can now buy water from the private British water companies in exchange for sheep bones – the ones that have died of drought.

In Finland, we may be passing a law that will forbid private ownership of water resources. Every investment banker, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, the former employer of a leading female light in the Finnish Conservative Party have stopped licking their lips. The bank and the lady MP, who worked at the bank, must be disappointed that she cannot hoodwink the municipalities again like last time, when she sold them very speculative interest rate options that offered no protection but plenty of downside risks. The losses were seriously big.

Selling a public water company is the next best thing to cheating residents of their right to have a reliable and cost efficient water supply. Water is a public good not some commodity that traders can profit on without limits. 

We have already seen what Caruna & Co. has done to electricity transmission prices, and just look at Digita’s digital TV service – that is another scandal from which we suffer each week when the pixels and sound break up on the smart TV screen.

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