Putin Is Acting Like Hitler

Putin has launched a cruel war against Ukraine where his army is killing, torturing, wounding innocent civilians – old men, old women, and children.

In addition to the above it is reported that:

  • Putin’s army is raping women and young girls.
  • Putin has ordered people’s homes to be destroyed by terrible thermobaric vacuum bombs that vaporize civilians in their homes and in bomb shelters.
  • Putin has ordered railways stations as targets for bombing where civilians are trying to escape, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent people.
  • Putin’s Russian army appears to be holding civilians as human shields in terrible conditions, which are said to be concentration camps where civilians (old men, old women, and children) do not have food, water of medicine.
  • It is reported that Putin’s soldiers are killing civilians by shooting them in the head after being rounded up and then they are being buried in mass graves to hide these atrocities.
  • Putin’s actions in Ukraine have nothing to do with a special military operation for saving Russian speaking Ukrainians, or with saving the country of Ukraine from Nazis and Nationalists as Putin has stated.
  • Putin sits in the comfort of his palaces while sending his soldiers to be killed and wounded in poorly equipped tanks and lorries. So far over 20 000 are reported dead and double that wounded in his attempt to steal Ukraine.
  • Putin must be brought to justice for these crimes that he has planned organised.

Putin’s actions in Ukraine are simply the actions of a warmonger who is behaving much worse than Hitler…

… at least Hitler was honest enough not to use religion as the selling point for his war like Putin, who stands in a Christian church as if he is some leader on a holy mission to save the world. Hitler did not attend Mass or received the sacraments after leaving home at 18 years old. It is said that Hitler abandoned the Catholic Church and that he was not a member of any church thereafter.

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