Putin is at War with Russians Now!

How can you have such a stupid person running a such big country like Russia with all of its history and great culture. 

How is it possible that low level KGB uneducated idiot can be allowed to run such a great a country so far into the ground?

So far Putin has had killed and wounded at least 100 000 of his own soldiers, there has been an exodus of some 300 000 young men from Russia to avoid going to war, and many thousands of protestors sit in Russian prisons where they are beaten and torture.

Ordinary Russians can now see clearly that this is a bloody and brutal war against Ukraine without any good reason. It never was some special exercise to remove Nazis from Kiev…

He has given orders to destroy cities and towns, and bomb and shoot civilians – over 1000 Ukrainian children have been killed by the Russian Army – such brave honourable soldiers! 

His army is a mess in military terms without good leadership (that’s him, and he is certainly an amateur with an evil streak), without proper food, equipment and training! They are criminal thugs who kill indiscriminately and steal TV sets, other valuable objects and food from ordinary Ukrainians as well as looting their shops.

Russia has stopped delivering gas to Europe, and it appears that Putin has ordered the destruction of two gas pipelines between Russia and Europe. He will never get a second chance to deliver fossil fuels ever again. He has already proven himself to be a murdering terrorist. The West will never trust this madman again, and guess who will end up paying for his lunacy? 

The Russian people must regret that they voted for this man because the economic and moral  consequences of his lunacy are now being seen. He has caused massive economic trade sanctions, Russian deaths and terrible wounds. He has ordered the destruction of Ukrainian cities, towns and villages with tanks, bombs and missiles. Millions of Ukrainians have fled abroad for safety from his brutal invasion.

How long will the clock tick before his demise?

In Helsinki, there are still two policemen sitting in a police van protecting the Russian Embassy… One must wonder what the ambassador, Mr. Pavel Kuznetsov, is really thinking when he goes to buy his sausages, milk and sugar at the local grocers…

Does he seriously really want to stay on working for this Russian Nazi regime? He should face himself in the mirror and ask himself – “Is this a good thing that I am doing today, because not too long from today there will be big changes?”

It is amazing that two policeman can stop the whole of Finland from attacking the Embassy there. But that is what we do because here – we want to live for peace and behave peac, like our comrades in Ukraine wanted before Putin stuck his big nose in there.

We join the Ukrainians in praying for an end to Putin’s reign of terror on Russia and the rest of the world.

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