Putin is Guilty of Brutal Murder, Rape & Destruction

Russian men are being sent to their death and mutilation in Ukraine in a brutal war the objective of which is to make Ukraine part of Russia.

Putin thinks that he is a War Hero, but he does not stand with his soldiers – he just hides in a bunker because he is scared to face ordinary Russians who are being asked to pay his war games with their lives.

We have all read stories about how some Russian male soldiers are killing, torturing, wounding and raping men, women and children.

We also hear stories about these same men stealing TV sets, food and cars from ordinary Ukrainians.

Russian soldiers are destroying cities, towns and villages with drones and missiles…

… while thousands of Russians die needlessly each week, while Putin sits in his bunker surrounded by his guards…

The rules of war are not being applied by these Russian Barbarians.

Putin will be brought to justice for these crimes along with his cowardly soldiers.

Russians must understand that this cannot go unpunished and that the consequences for Russia will be severe for many years to come if this terrible slaughter is not stopped soon.

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