Putin is TOO Scared to Leave his Bunker

You may have noticed that Putin is currently sitting in his bedroom, a nice safe gay place with a picture of his mummy, because he is scared of Covid, the Flu, Poison Chalices, Cockroaches, Spiders, Homosexuals, Real Women, and Foreigners.

He decided not to go to Indonesia to meet the other Czars at the G20 Summit because he knows that they may extradite him to some awful fishing island in the Mediterranean like they did earlier with Napoleon, who was also a nasty little man who sent his soldiers to kill and rape innocent men and women…

Most Russians now know that Putin has sent Russian men to their deaths because he has but his illusions of greatness. The dead have now returned in body bags in their thousands. Everyone can see that the Emperor has no clothes… but nobody can tell him because they are too scared or packed away to prisons, precisely the place where he should be now!


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