Putin & Lavrov Are Brutal Beasts…

Seldom do you hear such rubbish from any country’s leader and foreign minister – but in Russia anything goes when the place is run by criminal gangsters who allow women and children to be killed and raped by their soldiers.

Putin promised that he would not invade Ukraine, only to break that promise one week later when he accused Ukraine of having Nazis with Jewish backgrounds that were threatening Russian speakers in Ukraine. He then muddled on about Ukraine being part of Russia as a further justification for invading a sovereign nation! 

This last week, their Foreign Minister, Lavrov just made the following statement:“I could be wrong, but Hitler also had Jewish blood…”

Nothing could be further from the truth, but what can you expect from such people. It is well documented that the Nazis, led by Hitler & Co., killed  over 6 million people of Jewish descent in concentration camps, as well as killing hundreds of thousands more in a long war against most of Europe, including many Russians. 

The Russians are not fighting any Nazis in Ukraine and certainly not protecting Russian speaking Ukrainians. They are only behaving like Hitler by ordering a brutal and barbaric war on the population of a sovereign nation that is no threat to Russia. 

The Russian army is killing Ukrainians – old men and women, mothers and children are being bombed and shot, and their soldiers are allowed to torture and rape women and young girls. They are even giving medals and honours to the most brutal soldiers to cover up these crimes.

When such people are responsible, anywhere in the world, for such criminal activities it is normal for them to be brought before the courts and face the due process of law where the guilty are punished for the whole world to see. 

We want peace in this world, not wars…  Putin and Lavrov should know better, and have much to answer for.

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