Putin Needs to Understand that He Has Lost Too Much

Only a fool would want to destroy his neighbour’s house just to have a bit more land.

Russia is full of empty land and rich in minerals, and other raw materials – there is no need for more land, especially when large areas are now ruined by bombs and missiles from Russia.

Russia is a country with a deep cultural heritage of world class standards that some brain-dead fool wants to waste on weapons and crimes.

The little man is sending young men to their deaths with army officers who are thugs and criminals. So far, some 300 000 are dead or seriously wounded. Hundreds of thousands of talented young men and women have left Russia for good. War is seen by them to be a terrible choice. It is better to leave the motherland than to be involved in acts of war crimes.

Nobody wants to have their boys and men killed in a senseless war.

All of Putin’s advisors, and all those diplomats living in luxury around the world should put a stop to his war crimes – or they should leave their embassies and ask for refugee status.

Russia has become an outcast around the world – he is only welcomed by other war criminals who are too afraid to stop killing their own, and stealing their blood and sweat.

Leave your Embassies while you can… there is no future in serving Putin and his crowd of rogues…

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