Putin The Coward

Putin is a coward because he sits in a bunker where nobody can hurt him… he’s scared of germs…

Putin is a coward who orders a war where civilians, old men, women and children are targets, where women and girls are raped by some of his drunken soldiers, where whole towns and cities see terrible destruction of homes, shops, offices and railways stations… 

While sitting safely in his bunker, really a palace made of gold and marble, wearing a smart Italian suit, silk tie and hand-made shoes, a palace he orders young troops to their deaths. These troops have bad food, bad clothes, bad weapons and bad corrupt generals. 

Putin is a coward when he stands in a church looking like some holy man on a crusade while making sure that the hot wax from his candle does not burn his hands when it drips.

Putin is a coward compared to other leaders who stand up to this monkey in the Kremlin who has no other reason to declare war other than wanting more cash in his pockets. He has never wanted to share his wealth with his own population many of whom remain poor and destitute!

Putin is a coward who cannot face up to the fact that he has lost a war that he started against a small poor country.

Putin is a coward when he send everyone who opposes him to be beaten or killed up by his cronies in the corrupt secret service. 

Putin is a coward when he threatens the rest of the world with nuclear bombs – this is the terrible threat often posed by cowardly weaklings.

Putin is a coward who bombs apartment blocks in Kiev near where the head of the United Nations is staying. Russia is a member of the United Nations and its Security Council, yet this coward does not resign from this position but fires missiles near to where António Guterres is staying in Kiev.

Now Putin wants to attend a G20 meeting – let’s hope that this meeting arrests him and agrees to demand that Russia pay for the damage caused by this coward’s war.

Let’s remember what happened to Hitler, Honecker and Nicolae Ceaușescu…


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