Putin – The Murdering Czar?

In many countries there are laws that prevent people from insulting or criticising political and religious leaders. In Thailand it is a crime to insult the king under a law called lese-majesty. In Russia any form of political protest is met with harsh treatment like being beaten or imprisoned.

Putin’s bunch of criminals have even forbidden anyone from using the word “war” when talking or thinking about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Such behaviour is a clear sign of despotic behaviour as is killing ordinary men, women and children in Ukraine and sending thousands of young Russian soldiers to their deaths with sub-standard weapons, poor food, and terrible planning by hopelessly corrupt generals.

Pretending to be on a crusade to save the world like the Christians 1000 years ago comes easy to Putin.

He sees himself as a Great Czar of a Russia, a great Christian Empire, who sits on a big white horse far from the bloody battle like the one pictured above! 

You will never see cowards like Putin or Lavrov fighting with his soldiers on the front line.

Of course this is nothing but a madman’s dream because he does not have any democratic right to steal huge piles of cash from ordinary Russians to pay for his lovers, his palaces and the brutal soldiers who protect him day and night. 

He does not venture out of his bunker for fear of being shot in the head – probably the only solution to stop this war. 

He is not only stealing cash but also wheat and fertilisers from Ukraine, as well as performing  the mindless destruction of Ukrainian cities, towns villages, farmland, ordinary, homes, schools, hospitals, shops, offices and factories in Ukraine. There are now hundreds of photos that show totally burnt out cities – we can see that this is simply a madman’s brutal war against the Ukrainians that has nothing to do with Nazis or Jews.

Putin and Lavrov have already changed their stories by which they justify this war. One can only wonder if they actually understand what they are doing…

There is only one good description of Putin and Lavrov – these two are simple Mafia bosses, who dress up like bankers, and pretend to be freeing the world while just really stuffing their pockets with even more stolen loot!

Everything they talk about is bonkers, fairy stories, lies – they have nothing good to tell ordinary Russians or the rest of the world.

Putin is no Czar but an ordinary thief and murderer, and that surely makes it hard for us to have any peace agreement to be made with this worthless man. How many times have we heard that governments do not give in to terrorists?

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