Putin Will Be Remembered as a War Criminal

Whatever happens in Ukraine in the coming weeks, we will remember that Putin is a war criminal who happened to be a Russian leader.

We will remember him for war crimes of murder, rape, and wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages. 

We will remember that he has encouraged his soldiers to kill, wound, and rape men, women, and children. 

He is also guilty of removing Ukrainian children to Russia – a very strange act of cruelty.

Putin has sent many thousands of Russian men to their deaths in Ukraine, leaving mothers, wives, and children without their sons, husbands, and fathers.

He is no simple criminal, but a dangerous war criminal who is guilty of the most serious crimes against humanity.

Whatever happens in Ukraine, he will be treated in the West as a war criminal, just like Hitler and many others in our recent history.

Whatever happens in Ukraine, we must never honour this man with state visits, even though he maintains his hold on power.

Putin, the self-proclaimed “war hero”, is a shameful example of what terrible damage a single person can do when ordinary people are unable to control his actions.

What is certain now is that Putin will be remembered as a War Criminal.

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