Putin’s Nine Steps to Hell

Step 1 – Putin has attacked the very heart of peaceful democratic life that this world has tried so hard to develop and nurture the last 70 years. He is following hard on Hitler’s footsteps and we all know what happened to that ugly monster

Step 2 – Putin said on February 17th 2022 that he has no intention of invading Ukraine. He lied because he has started a bloody war in Ukraine on February 24th 2022 where old men and women, young mothers and children are being murdered by his cowardly military men. 

Step 3 – Putin claims to be saving Russian speaking folk in Ukraine in this war, but he is now killing the very people he promised to save! He is destroying their cities and villages. Putin has ordered the bombing and shelling of the homes, hospitals and schools of ordinary Ukrainians… that is so wrong.

Step 4 – He has sent young Russian men as conscripts to fight, to be killed and wounded in a war against innocent Ukrainians. He never told these soldiers that they are going to a bloody war. He only talked about “military exercises”.

Step 5 – Putin is a war criminal because in March he has now escalated this bloody and vicious war against a neighbouring nation that posed no threat to Russia. 

Step 6 – Putin is arresting his own people in Russia who oppose a war that has no real or purpose.

Step 7 – Putin has caused thousands of Russian to flee the country because they are scared that he is crazy – and they are right!

Step 8 – Putin has probably misled his friends in China about his plans… China has no intention of fighting the rest of the world because that would destroy the whole of the world… and they know that.

Step 9 – Putin should know that he has treated his nearest and dearest (those fat-cat Oligarchs and the Military) like he treats the whole of his population. They will get their revenge…

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