Putin’s Ukrainian War legacy, so far:

Here are what he and his colleagues in the Kremlin have achieved:

  • We have seen that they have committed serious war crimes by bombing systematically civil buildings like whole cities, apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, marked bomb-shelters where thousands of men women and children were taking shelter from Russian bombs and missiles.
  • Russia’s GDP is down by at least 25%.
  • Inflation – up by 20% – ordinary people cannot afford high food price increases and far fewer and much more expensive imported goods.
  • Ordinary people have to pay the costs of war, and see many of their sons die and get wounded in a senseless and badly managed war in Ukraine. 
  • $300 billion in foreign reserves have been lost.
  • $0.5 trillion in lost future energy profits.
  • At least 2,000 Russian soldiers killed in battle with at least 20,000 wounded Russian soldiers.
  • Made enemies with Ukraine forever, when they were meant to be Russians’ brothers before this cruel invasion…
  • Made the West united as never before.
  • Germany is now re-arming.
  • Sweden and Finland may join NATO.
  • The Russian army seen for the Potemkin it is, with its reputation destroyed.
  • The Chechens and Syrians are invited to fight as mercenaries because Russian general cannot manage their own military resources.
  • Thieving Russian oligarchs cannot travel, cannot study, cannot spend their ill-gotten gains.
  • Russia is now becoming a vassal state of China, just like North Korea!

Basically, the work of a genius…

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