Putin’s “Victory Day” is Based on Criminal Violence 

Today, 8.5.2022, Putin killed another 60 civilians in an attack on a Bilohorivka’s village school in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. This brutal despot calls this a great success in cleaning out “Nazi filth”, his exact words, from Ukraine.

Russians should know and feel desperately ashamed about his actions in ordering the mass murders of ordinary civilians in Ukraine who have absolutely nothing to do with Hitler’s murdering Nazis. These are civilians who were never a threat to Russia in any way. They were just ordinary peace-loving people going about their daily chores.

Only maniacs like Putin and his great hero Adolf Hitler can speak such lies and act in such a disgusting manner…

… and more has occurred – last night, 8.5.2022, this old lady, a bed-ridden pensioner, who is cared for by her elderly husband, saw the destruction of their home in Malotaranivka. The other photograph above in this article shows what their kitchen now looks like. Well done Putin – you have could not have been more cruel. These pictures were shown on Finnish TV today and the war reporter was as shocked as all of us here in Finland.

On May 9th, 2022, Putin, the Great Russian Hero  will celebrate Victory Day with his brave army.

This Great Russian President brazenly tells lies to his population about how his soldiers are cleaning out Nazi filth, when in reality the Russian army are busy doing the following on his orders:

  1. It has attacked a sovereign state that was never a threat to Russia, with missiles, bombs, tanks and a murdering army of Russians and paid mercenaries. 
  2. Many thousands of Ukrainians have been killed and badly wounded.
  3. Russian war planes and missiles have destroyed schools, hospitals and the homes of the helpless elderly folk who cannot take shelter from his deadly missiles.
  4. Russian soldiers are raping and sexually assaulting women and girls, according to multiple authorities. Also, this week, It is reported that United Nations officials have received new information that men and boys are also reporting rape by Russian soldiers. Yes, it is important to emphasise that Russian male soldiers appear to be raping Ukrainian men and boys in the same manner as they have raped women and younger girls. One wonders what the mothers and fathers of these brave soldiers must be thinking today about the actions of their sons. Russia is a member of the United Nations so such allegations should have consequences for Putin and for Russia. 

Putin may want to have his Great Victory Day on Monday 9th May 2022, but we will remember this day as the one where a balding little man is waving to a world who hate him for his brutal greed and dishonesty. He is a completely worthless individual who is an insult to Russia and the rest of the world.

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