Putin’s War is Evil, and Many Others Were Also… 

Several readers have written in to say that FinnishNews’ correspondents have been especially critical of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine where war crimes have been self-evident, while, according to these readers, we have ignored war crimes committed in other past and ongoing fighting elsewhere.

We apologize to those readers for this impression. There can be no doubt that Putin’s soldiers under his command have committed serious war crimes by wounding innocent civilians, killing and raping children, women and men. 

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Vietnam, and in many other theatres of war including Europe and Africa, soldiers from the United States and many European countries have committed equally heinous crimes. There are no excuses for such senseless violence.

However, the Russian invasion is ongoing and can only be described as an aggressive attack on another country that was in no way a physical threat to Russia. Some may say that Russian speaking folk in Ukraine were treated unfairly, but that does not justify the terrible destruction and relentless bombing of large parts of Ukraine by the Russians.

All wars are senseless – especially when they are justified by lies, financial greed and madmen.

Your Editor-in-chief spent many months working in Ukraine over 10 years on large investment projects. Democracy and equality there was always challenged by overt corruption and rotten politics. The EU made serious efforts to support broad reforms there, but the present government still has much to do when the Russians are finally shoved out of the country! 

Ukraine has shown the world that they can conquer an evil foreign force with our support. 

Our support is needed to see the necessary reforms and reconstruction that come later after getting rid of Russian lice!

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