Rams Roasters – One of the Best Coffee Shops

Rams Roasters, the coffee shop on Neitsytpolku 10, provides you with great lunches, delicious bites or just excellent coffee and baked pastries. It is a place to rest and sit down after a long walk around Ullanlinna and Kaivopuisto.

It is a relative newcomer to Helsinki, and a welcome addition to be short-listed In FinnishNews in our exclusive list of excellent eateries. Cosmin and Cristina Tatosian established their lovely coffee shop in Helsinki just over a year ago. Unlike many other coffee shops this is a true family run business that produces some of the most delicious sweet and savoury bakery products to be found in Helsinki. 

Cosmin and Cristina have braved the move from Romania to Finland and in just one year they have established this as one of the best and most original coffee houses in Helsinki. They have a strong entrepreneurial approach like many of the other owners on this list. They welcome customers with home-baked seasonal pies and bakery products that suit Finnish tastes. Their recipes are based on many years of experience.

Inside they welcome you and chatter while dishing out home-cooked buns, cakes and coffee: ”The idea behind our project is to bring together the elements that we have gathered experience from, more specifically the artisan bakery and coffee business under the same umbrella. In addition, another important element is to create a community of people around our family business and promote to our customers the importance of supporting independent businesses that have no strings attached to chains or corporations,” says Cosmin.

This is a cosy coffee shop and bakery offering vegan cakes, pastries, raw cakes, snacks and more. On our last visit we enjoyed two creamy cafe lattes and their fresh cream cheese and vanilla buns. The buns are a generous size and quite delicious. Next to the buns are their quiche pies – deep and colourful – the single slices are big enough for a whole meal. 

Please note that FinnishNews never promotes any restaurant, cafe or bar for payment, nor do we accept any discount when purchasing any of their produce. We only include small places that want to provide excellent service and food. They are the ones that must compete with the large chains that have big promotion budgets, better access to the best locations, and often drab and uninspiring food with higher prices…

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