Real Trade War in Finland – German retail giant attacks Finnish retail giants!

Finland is the scene of a wild new trade war between Germany’s Goliath, LIDL, and the Finnish retail oligopoly cooperative, S-Group and any other shop retail shop that issues loyalty cards.

Nothing like this has ever been seen before and is the start of something interesting and wonderful for consumers and probably for the lawyers too. It can be described as a Reverse-Trumpian-Trade-War, a trade war that reduces prices and increases competition.

LIDL has announced that it will give a 10% discount to all consumers who flash their S-Group loyalty card, or any other loyalty card when paying for their purchases.

LIDL are jumping “outside the box” and certainly well outside the Finnish comfort zone, because they have also agreed to give the same discount for better educated people too – those customers who have library card, the ones who, up until now, have probably shunned LIDL because it has been branded by the media and its competitors as a low-cost shop that is frequented by the less well-off. Your correspondent, a careful spend-thrift, has noted in frequent visits to LIDL that high-brow people just do not visit such places, but this is now bound to change…

Unfortunately, the trade war promised by LIDL is going to last only one week so your correspondent will not be able to report from the war zone because he is still travelling in New Zealand and Australia where LIDL prices are already 30% lower than Finland and where competition between big retail shops is alive and kicking like kangaroos.

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