Refreshing & Polished Attacks on Rotten Leaders

After many decades of soft rhetoric from Finnish politicians, we now hear some hard home truths from their lips about Putin and his gang of war criminals.

In the 1960s and 1970s, nobody here dared to say anything that could be interpreted as a harsh reprimand of the behaviour of our neighbour. Its leaders were treated like favourite aunts and uncles who presence was always welcome. Even the most ugly KGB conmen with their evil smiles were tolerated as family members…

But how things have changed here now…

The Finnish President, Sauli Niinistö, a solid, rather gray figurehead, does not save his words when he describes Putin as a man who has started a brutal war against a sovereign state, Ukraine, as a man who organises sham referendums, etc. “Now the masks have been taken off and only the cold face of war is visible.” 

But things are changing rapidly elsewhere too.

Leading economists from academia and the media in the US and UK are roundly critical of the UK’s Prime Minister and the Finance Minister who announced huge tax cuts without any attempt to balance the books with future revenues, wildly claiming that this would create strong economic growth! The markets fried them both in boiling oil.

Paul Krugman stated that they “justified their moves with the much discredited claim that reducing top tax rates would provide a huge boost to economic growth…”, and, “Britain got instead was a leader who seems to live in a fantasy world”.

Martin Wolf of the Financial Times wrote that “Truss’s growth plan is nothing but a magic potion… Such dreams might be amusing if they were not so perilous for the country.” 

Paul Krugman and Martin Wolf are nowhere near to being lefties – they are highly respected economists with clear-sighted open minds.

Martin Wolf also has a clear-headed comment on the possible third 5-year term, “Xi Jinping’s third term is a tragic error – China’s macroeconomic, microeconomic and environmental difficulties remain largely unaddressed”.

Another academic, Nancy Qian, an economics professor at Northwestern University. “I don’t think China is going to become a developed economy or a rich country any time soon”.

However, a few right-wing economists here in Helsinki were “sorely shocked” when our Prime Minister, Sana Marin, repeated a statement from a left-leaning academic economist, Antti Ronkainen, who dared to question ECB monetary policy by writing, “There is something seriously wrong with the prevailing ideas of monetary policy, when central banks protect their credibility by driving economies into recession.” He quite right in stating in his article that the ECB has been driving rates too long below zero and now they increase rates too fast when Putin’s war is causing energy and food prices to spike, resulting in undoubtable a hard landing for the economy. That was something they promised not to do…

Do you really think that higher interest rates will reduce fuel and food prices? Rubbish, these same right-wing economists believe what suits their book and pockets, like their political controllers who are still demanding lower taxes and cuts in public spending…

This combination of ECB bankers and the above bunch of austerity addicts will drive any economy into the sand in no time. There is nothing wrong in criticising central bankers who appear to represent more often than not the interests of the banking lobby rather than controlling inflation and keeping their banks and economies stable. 

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