Republicans Start to Resemble Communists!

In the United States one would be quite ready to accept the idea that, under Donald Trump, the extreme right wing of the Republican party is not only supporting Communists in different countries but also have become Communists.

The characteristics of communists are the following:

  1. They are generally led by despots who have no hesitation in arranging the election process in their favour, and in feeding the electorate with lies or fake news about themselves and the opposition.
  2. The same despots surround themselves with oligarchs/billionaires who finance them for favors.
  3. The same despots tilt the judicial system in their favour by appointing judges who are like-minded folk who openly support them.
  4. The same despots appoint “friendly” bureaucrats two key official positions in his government.
  5. Despots tend to embrace one another…

The above 5 characteristics have been achieved successfully by the current Republican Party under Donald Trump. The only area which differentiates Mr. Trump’s Republican Party from the worse despots in Russia, North Korea and a few other parts of the world is that the Republicans are not murdering members of the opposition.

However, the attack on the Capital in Washington on January 6th, and the call to arms from various right wing military units in the United States are all precursors of violence against the political opposition in America. So even this 6th characteristic could soon be shared by the Republican Party in the future.

The Hungarian leader Mr. Orbàn, along with the folk who have elected him and support him, appear to be suffering from mass dementia. How on earth can a country forget the events of 1956 when the Russians overran their country?

But mass dementia also seems to be prevalent in Mr. Trump’s Republican Party. They too were actively fighting communism, “the Red Scare”, under the guidance of Mr. McCarthy, the then head of the FBI in the 1940s and 1950s.

We in Europe are right to take the above threats seriously, and so are al thinking Americans. If you want to support the likes of Putin and Trump, then go and live in Russia. Life there is so awful that even refugees want to get out quickly!

Photo: Shaleah Craighead –

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