Russia & Bach must be BANNED from the Olympics

Would you invite a war criminal, his wife or family to stay at your home for a few weeks because they offered to pay you some cash?

There are rumors around that the Olympic Committee is thinking of having Russia in the next Olympics Games.

According to various media reports, Russia is making plans for its athletes to live and compete in Paris Olympics in 2024 even though they remain barred from upcoming qualification events because of the war in Ukraine.

But, according to IOC chief Thomas Bach, Russian athletes could be allowed back to compete at Olympic Games ”if they don’t support their country’s war in Ukraine.

We know that Thomas Bach has been Russia’s best friend through a doping scandal and now it appears through a war. His idea is preposterous because any such athlete will be banned or imprisoned by Putin in two minutes before he tries to travel to Paris unless he gets “special permission” from the devil himself!

Bach should also be expelled from his position Olympics for proposing such an idea! The EU has already planned on banning Russian tourists from entering Europe – does Macron & Co. think that it is fine for Russian athletes to stay in France to enjoy participating in these games – or are the Germans (Mr. Bach’s nation) and the French planning secretly to make an exception for Putin’s sons and daughters?

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