“Russia is an Imperial Colonial Power” – Macron

President Macron has changed his tune and described the President of Russia, Mr Putin, as the head of an “Imperial Colonial Power”!

Can you imagine that the lessons of history are being ignored by Putin who thinks he can invade another sovereign state with impunity!

Putin likes to pretend that he is really “Peter the Great” another rogue who grabbed power and wealth for himself from the ordinary people of Russia.

According to Macron Russia is now and outcast because of the brutal war Russians have unilaterally started against their neighbour and former brother, Ukraine.

Russians need to understand that they are not welcome to travel outside Russia, and Russian businesses,  universities, schools and society in general are now subject to massive sanctions.

The only way to return to some normalcy is to rid the country of Putin and his gang of thieves and war criminals.

Putin is now and old man whose sanity must be put into question.

No sane person would order troops to kill, wound, and rape men, women and children in a neighbouring country like Ukraine.




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