Russia & Syria Military Commit Terrible Crimes 

According to the newspapers eight people, five of whom were children, were killed when a Russian missile hit a school in the village of Jubass yesterday in the Idlib Region in Syria.

They had no Christmas party…

… and it is Christmas – a Christian time of peace and goodwill.

There are Christians in Russia and in Syria and they should object to what their leaders are ordering the military to perform in Idlib.

It is wrong for the Syrian government to ask Russia to send jet fighters for the mass killing of women and children in Idlib.

It is wrong to kill these people with missiles and bombs on a motorway when they are trying to escape from their homes.

It is wrong to continue killing hundreds of thousands of people with this brutality.

The ones who gave such orders to kill should be brought to trail for crimes against humanity.

We dealt with Hitler’s madmen in courts of law just 70 years ago – now we should do the same even though these criminals believe that international law for such crimes does not apply to them.

Such laws apply to all people no matter if they are self-declared or elected Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals or simple soldiers.

The EU and the USA should act together to bring them to account.

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