Russian Attacks in Berlin, Paris, Italy & Hungary

Would you stand by and do nothing?

If you live in London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome none of you would accept that Russian soldiers run through the city and kill men, women and children.

Would you stand by and do nothing?

If you live in Poland or Hungary none of you would accept that Russian bombs and missiles hit schools, hospitals and train stations. Of course not, because you have already seen what they did to your parents and grandparents just 6 and 7 decades ago!

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not a war, but a series of brutal war crimes, committed by Russian soldiers who have been ordered without any good reason to invade Ukraine and kill its people.

The Russians have deliberately killed civilians – babies, children, mothers, fathers and the old and the very elderly, as well as some 70 000 brave Ukrainian solders who only want to defend their land.

It is beyond belief that Putin has sent some 150 000 Russian men to their deaths, while double that number have been seriously wounded.

It is estimated that more than 1 000 000 men have left Russia in a hurry to avoid being sent to be slaughtered in the Ukraine just because Putin wants to steal that country from the rightfully elected government of Ukraine.

Dear Russians – why are you doing nothing to stop the war that Putin started?

  1. Ukraine has never tried to steal any land from Russia so why is Putin doing this?
  2. Why do Russians think that Putin is right to murder his own people and many in Ukraine?

Putin is a weak coward, like his cronies, who sit in safe bunkers and avoid the light of day. They play with gold and diamonds in luxury while he sends young men to die in mud with bullets and shrapnel piercing their bodies.

Putin is laughing and is out of control, and it is time for Russians to stop fighting to stop this cruelty.

Those responsible will be held accountable in international tribunals.

  1. Photo Laughing Putin © Mahdi Bemani Naeini |
  2. Photo 272605714 | Ukraine Soldier © Volodymyr Tverdokhlib |
  3. Photo 253501683 | Ukraine Soldier Graves © Larysa Ros |

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