Russians – Read This & Be Aware of Putin’s Crimes

It is estimated that more than 80 000 Russian soldiers have been killed and wounded in the war started by Putin against Ukraine.

It has been going on for 6 months with no end in sight. It was never a “Special Operation” – just a brutal war against Ukraine, started and continued by a madman and his FSB friends. We still do not know why he started this  – his lies about it change every week.

Now we read that he is trying to find another 100 000 soldiers to be sent to their graves or loose their legs, arms, and eyes. He does not go to the front lines, but sits in his palace and gives orders to generals who are no better than him.

Young men are being used as cattle fodder so that Putin can boast that he has won a war for Russia, although nobody really knows why he went to war against Ukraine in the first place.

Ukraine was a quiet peace-loving independent sovereign state that was no threat to Russia.

It does not belong to Russia anymore than France or Germany.

There are not even any riches to be reaped from Ukraine by Putin unless he just wants a bigger garden. The country was poor even before he started to fight them like some crazy bully, and now they are really much poorer because he has destroyed whole towns, homes, factories, farms and basic infrastructure. 

Can any leader be that stupid as he is behaving?

He is using the money from selling Russian oil and gas to buy weapons, bullets, missiles and bombs to kill and wound the Ukrainian people without any reason. That money could have been spent on improving the lives of you, the ordinary Russians, many of whom live in badly built homes with low pensions and wages that are just a fraction of what we have in Europe. 

Russian male soldiers have been seen to rape Ukrainian young children, men and women. These same soldiers have been honoured by Putin as heroes in Russia. Great Russian soldiers…

Children have been killed in cold-blood at railway stations, in schools and hospitals by Russian bombs and missiles. Russian soldiers are so brave and outstanding…

All of these men and you, ordinary Russians should be ashamed of their actions…

The cruel joke is that he is forcing your sons and daughters as cheap disposable soldiers to kill and wound ordinary Ukrainians. So he is not only stealing your nation’s wealth, but he sending your  children on a suicide missions while his own daughter is living in a luxurious palace in Switzerland with guards, just like her cowardly father, who sits in a gold-plated palace in somewhere Russia.

The blood of his war crimes is on you too, you Russian people. You are responsible for electing your leader and you are ultimately responsible for his war crimes. 

It is time to take action like we are doing in Europe.

PS – A Note from Helsinki

Do you know that rich Russians are leaving their SUVs, Rolls Royces, Mercedes, Ferraris, and other expensive cars in Helsinki airport as they leave Russia in a hurry. Others are using their Chinese credit cards in ATMs in Finland to empty their foreign currency bank accounts?

They are not hanging around waiting for the FSB boys to arrest them at their homes in Russia like many of you…

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