Russia’s Embassy Protected by Finnish Police!

You could laugh at this news when seeing how a brutal government’s embassy needs to have police protection in Helsinki…

But this is a tragedy, so far from being laughable.

Russia’s leaders have ordered the indiscriminate killing of children, women and men in their homes, schools, kindergartens and hospitals and yet they expect to have protection for their embassy.

These policemen are not happy with their lot. It is a terrible job when there is no good reason to do it, except we do it because it is a duty to protect foreign embassies. Finns, like all Europeans, want peace not war – we play by the rules and expect other to do so.

Russia is no longer a part of Europe because of its actions in Ukraine. It will need to change its leaders before it can be accepted back into civilisation. The population there must sack this group of criminals and replace them with honest democratic politicians. It is not that hard… really.

As we walked past the Russian Embassy this morning, we saw young people putting candles outside the gates, while two Finnish pensioners banged on the windows of a Russian official’s car and told him that he and his colleagues are allowing war crimes to be committed in Ukraine. Every European shares his frustration…

Russians should be ashamed of their country that has invaded a neighbour that never represented a threat to Russia in any way.

Putin is telling open lies about this terrible war where innocent people are being bombed by weapons of mass destruction – and he also wants to be seen as a Christian – can you imagine anything more hypocritical that this:

He is really an evil coward who hides from the world in a bunker as he orders the genocide of Ukrainians while lying to his own people, who he has cheated for decades. There is not an inch of Christianity in this person.

He is a weak individual who has no place to be a leader of such a great country.

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