Seriously, let’s ban Facebook, Google and Apple and other tax dodgers until they pay their fair share and let’s not rely too much on digital networks

Open honest digital networks are great but…

… just consider that Facebook, Google, Apple, just to mention few, are taking our cash, on which we have already paid our taxes, which they then move immediately to cities where they end up paying little or no tax.

These companies then earn super big profits, much larger than smaller companies, which enable them to grow faster either organically or by buying competitors, thus allowing them to have an even more dominant market share.

On top of this, they have now been caught delivering fake news with impunity that erodes or democracies and our independent sources of information, the national media and related companies.

We know that they helped Russia, and some other unpleasant people, in doing dirty work either by negligence or by design because they profited nicely from the advertising fees.

These companies harm the basic services that we rely on because they operate in our national markets, and do not pay their fair share of taxes, as well as attacking the revenue base of our domestic companies.

Some people call this “disruption” that we are meant to salute as something that is intrinsically good, when in fact it is destructive of our important and inclusive social values that have been developed over the decades.

Worshiping the “something digital”, and relying too heavily on networks brings 2 huge risks – software is always easily hacked by serious smart or seriously evil people, and networks are physical objects made or metal, plastic and rare elements that can fail and melt because of old age, poor design or because of natural or deliberate electro-magnetic attack.

None of these risks are far removed from today’s reality no matter how hard our presidential candidates play down these risks or tell us that they are exaggerations formulated by our own “trolls”! When a politician, a current president or and MP, accuses the media of being a troll that exaggerates risks, then he does not deserve our vote.

So the conclusion is that we should actually ban the tax dodgers from operating here until they start to pay their taxes, and we should also be careful about relying too much on the networks that they exploit to our disadvantage.

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