Should Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcoin etc. be Closed Down? 

Most people know what a crime is without knowing the exact law. We can also distinguish between serious crimes like murder, violence, etc, and less serious ones like driving a little too fast on the motorway, stealing an apple from a neighbour’s tree, etc… Serious or less serious crimes all have legal consequences, that depend mainly on intent and damage caused.

Crimes are more serious than others if the perpetrator is deliberating trying to do something bad or keeps on repeating them. 

For example most people know that selling bad meat would be a serious crime if Butcher Donald had sold meat deliberately to harm Mr. Smith, a rude customer. We would all agree that Donald should go to prison if Mr. Smith died from eating that meat. 

However, most people would agree that Butcher Boris should only be fined or warned if Mr. Smith died after eating bad meat sold by Boris who did not realise that the meat had gone bad because his freezer was not working for 6 hours due to a power failure during the night, of which he had no knowledge.

Donald’s crimes would be much worse if he kept on selling rotten meat when he came out of prison, and Boris would be in a much more serious position if another customer died a few weeks later after another power cut… that is simple common sense.

Now back to Facebook, Telegram and Bitcoin. 

Originally they were meant to be good things to allow the world to connect, to let people communicate their secrets to others without the rest of the world knowing, and Bitcoin was meant to be a more efficient payment systems.

However, Facebook collects your private data and sells it to others who can use it to disseminate lies and false news. Facebook claims to be able to regulate itself but we all now know that they cannot and false Facebook accounts are used to spread false news and politicians like Trump are allowed to spread lies without any form of limit by Facebook. The same goes for Twitter…

Telegram is used by criminals and terrorists to plan criminal acts with law enforcement agencies who are not always able to decipher the encrypted messages in time.

Bitcoin is used for laundering money by criminals and rogue governments…

The world would not suffer one tiny piece of harm if they were banned altogether from the Internet, and a great deal of crime and false news would be stopped immediately.

Why then are we not banning them completely when lesser crimes face much more severe punishment? Facebook and the other companies must take full responsibility for the crimes committed by their systems. If the butchers end up in prison then so should these people too.

There is no excuse just because they are rich and powerful – nobody should be beyond the law – not even US presidents.

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