Should ministers come clean…

One leading weekly here in Finland (Suomen Kuvalehti) has recently written that Transport Minister Berner is only popular with the PM who heads the Center Party (manly farmers, forest owners and their associated companies) and with few others in the party. Her family runs a nice €200 million private company called Berner.

Before joining the Center Party, she flirted with the Swedish People’s Party and the Conservatives, before signing up to the Center Party when she saw that they were leading in the polls. That was a bit of a surprise for the general public given her staunch Conservative background.

I wondered at the time about her sudden rise and only recently did it become clear. It is good for the Berner company. The Berner company has been building up a big agriculture business and want to get bigger. Naturally this has not been in the news. They have a lot of spin doctors working for her, and they only proclaim her expertise as an entrepreneur and the founder of the Childrens’ Hospital project where she managed to persuade her political friends that her foundation can build a better childrens’ hospital than the public sector, something which few if any financial and public sector experts can understand.

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and enjoys running the already well established brand, along with the rest of the family. Having her placed inside the Center Party must be good for the agro business, and possibly for the Berner company given that she is a rather abrasive character to have around the shop.

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