Should the UK be expelled from EU?

Your correspondent was a young 18-year old law student in London during the 1960’s, and can recall his surprise on learning that the UK has no written Constitutional Act of Parliament. 

The legal profession has produced many law books with a title of “Constitutional Law” but it is all case law, administrative law, and unwritten conventions with mostly the same relevance to modern life as the “Ten Commandments” and other biblical principles like “An eye for an eye…”

It is quite clear that the UK has managed to emerge as a democratic country during the last 100 years albeit with some reservations. Those reservations are that it has not shed its class-driven society – a small minority rule along with a wealthy middle class in a comfortable bubble, while the less fortunate make do with low quality housing, education and poor basic services. Large parts of the mass media is controlled by a few ultra-right wing individuals that produces fodder for the masses. The BBC is a great institution, but it cannot balance out the shear force of the dumbing down that has produced a Brexit movement, beer and crisps, baked beans and a Hearty English Breakfast!

The present Brexit politics of Johnson, Ress-Mogg & Co. are all based on misusing their position in Parliament to close down Parliament to push through Brexit, with or without a “Deal”, whatever that means!. This is a denial of democracy. Their acts are much worse than what is happening in Poland and Hungary where the rule of law is being down-trodden to suit the needs of corrupt leaders. 

It is bad enough to use an antique convention by asking the “Head of the Kingdom”, a powerless figurehead they call “Queen”, to close down Parliament for a month. 

She is nothing more than a rich woman whose children and extended family enjoy great wealth and freedoms without any real burdens. Like various Asian Kings and Emperors, it is looked upon with distaste to criticise these “Heads of Nation” even though they actually do nothing other than sit in big homes, are surrounded by soldiers and lots of rich folk with vested interests in keeping the system alive and kicking!

Closing Parliament to prevent proper debate over a matter of great importance that will impact the UK for decades to come is not only undemocratic but a despotic act.

Should the EU expel the UK from the EU?

The simple answer is of course not. Johnson and his band of merry fellows, like Trump, are just passing fads. Their short lives will end like butterflies and dragonflies after summer has past.

Democracy has deep roots in Europe and in the USA, even though a few try to trample on the flowerbeds.  


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