Should We Get Rid of Mathias Cormann?

The newly appointed head of the OECD is a former Australian Finance Minister called Mathias Cormann. He has stated that, “the EU think twice before introducing unilateral tariffs to punish countries that take a different approach to global warming.” FT 23.3.2021.

He openly states that he opposes the EU’s new proposed for a Carbon Tax on imports coming from countries that have not signed up to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change or are not committed to net-zero emissions. His argument that this creates harmful trade barriers that will reduce business is ridiculous because it only stops imports from countries outside the EU that are flouting Climate Change rules! How can that hurt us when a huge economic region like the EU has signed up for Climate Change rules that are backed up by the majority of voters. Is he protecting Australian meat imports?

In other words the EU countries have agreed to this man taking up a key position in one of our most important public institutions, who is clearly not taking Climate Change seriously. Australia has a terrible record on this matter and this man is in part responsible for the removals of a carbon tax in Australia.

All the main political parties in the Nordic countries are committed to reduce Greenhouse Emissions, and that policy reflects the majority of voters’ opinions on this matter, as do the stated policies leading companies in the Nordic region. 

These large companies are our biggest exporters, so it should be no problem for our governments to oppose the appointment of this man. 

The Financial Times has published this article where Mr. Cormann freely expresses his opinions. It sends an awful message about how Europe is not really committed to Climate Change to the rest of the world and to our young folk, who deserve to have a safe and clean globe in the following decades. 

The Nordic governments should oppose this man’s appointment – he should never have been offered to this job in the first place.

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