Should we pay for State Visits and the Olympics?

Why does an overweight president need to bring a contingent of One Thousand People when making a 3 day visit to another country? And, of course that country has to pay over USD 20 million to make him safe in addition to all the fancy dinners and lunches.

The whole idea is completely senseless, especially when he is using it as a stage for his next election. Even worse is that his host is a lame duck leader who will be out of the job in a few days! 

Why do democratic countries even accept this type of behaviour? The inflation of being a president has gone too far.

What will it take for some child to cry out that the emperor has no clothes!

Then we have another leader who routinely kills opposition politicians with deadly radio active liquids, as well as having others shot on bridges in front of his Kremlin palace by the river… 

Then we have that tubby young Asian fellow who also likes other great leaders that make him look “Presidential”. You would never have guessed that he routinely has his closest advisors murdered when they fail top please him. It is dangerous to follow such maniacs with small notebooks to pencil in his latest brilliant thoughts. It is also dangerous that this same maniac is building nuclear bombs with money stolen from his slaving population that live in complete poverty. They are the slaves he uses to build his modern pyramids…

The EU is also a great powerhouse. Just watch the Commissioners walking from one room to another. They are never alone but are surrounded by a swarm of assistants, and advisors. We have entered the era of looking like a leader, being Presidential and that is best attained by having lots of helpers, nannies, nurses, to suckle them like young mothers feeding their young with breast milk… 

It is time to change and vote for more modest, ordinary folk and not this bunch of self-preening gods

… and I nearly forget to mention the Olympics! Can you imagine. A greater waste of money paid to men in suits who get to Olympic Arenas that fill with weeds and rust as soon as the last race and the last gold medal is won! A total waste of taxpayers’ money.


BTW – when these people start to say that the cost is just €1 or €2 per head of the population for these projects then you know that they are now playing dirty tricks. The EU has 750 million people, so please pay this pittance to my account…

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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