Six Definitions of Freedom

The question “What is Freedom?” Is on everyones’ mind today as a brutal group of old and demented Russian leaders have embarked on killing thousands of innocent people in Ukraine because they want to take over the country without any legal right.

We all understand the importance of freedom that these brutal & cowardly Russian Despots who sit in the Kremlin are trying hard to destroy.

Yet the definition of Freedom cannot be answered easily in the positive sense because so many conditions apply depending on laws, rules of etiquette and, more importantly, on how the general population and the national media define Freedom based on their own set of moral understandings.

However, the easiest way to understand Freedom is to define it by saying what it is not – and that is so simple when looking at the evil work of those Russian despots:

  1. Freedom is dead when Russian Despots are using two hundred thousand murdering soldiers to kill or trying to kill ordinary Ukrainians when they are sitting peacefully at home, in schools, in hospitals or just going about their normal peaceful daily lives.
  1. Freedom is dead when Russian Despots tell their own Russian population that killing innocent men, women and children in Ukraine is justified because the Nazis and Jews in Ukraine are a threat to Russia. The lie is doubly bad because there are no Nazis and Jews in Ukraine that are threatening Russia…
  1. Freedom is dead when these Russian Despots make cruel laws that stop Russians from protesting against this inhumane killing of innocents in Ukraine.
  1. Freedom is dead when Russian embassies insult the world by asking for informants on Twitter to collect information on those that vocally oppose this war or on those that bully Russians living abroad. It is doubly bad that these same Russian Despots see nothing wrong in maiming and killing Ukrainians? If Russians living outside Russia support this inhumane attack on Ukraine then it is better for them to return to Russia because the evidence of war crimes by Russia cannot be disputed. 
  1. Freedom is dead when millions of refugees from Ukraine flood the world because they fear for their safety and that of their families.
  1. Freedom may live again a little when Putin & Co. are removed from office by ordinary honest Russians of whom their are probably more than the total population less a few hundred thousand…

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