Slot Machines are Dying – Good Riddance

Just over a year ago FinnishNews wrote: “Readers will recall past articles about the dangers of gambling in FinnishNews. The first article described the clear predominance of pensioners and unfortunate rather desperate-looking folks standing in front of the government-owned monopoly’s slot machines. These machines are found in every supermarket owned by Kesko or S-Group, two retail chains that have 84% market share of the retail food business! The chains even have monthly and annual profit targets for these machines. Last year almost €2 billion was used in this gambling – an incredible sum of money that must represent a hefty slice of these users annual pensions and living subsidies.”

Now one year later the number of slot machines has been drastically reduced as it turned out that these machines are addictive and causing serious poverty as poorer folk waste their public subsidies on these machines, and requite new subsidies o pay for their rent!

It is called the circular economy!

The most amazing facts about this story is that it took many studies by eminent professors to conclude that the whole business is based on the government’s own company (a gambling monopoly) taking cash from the people many of whom who are already recipients of public sector subsidies for rent and food! The result of this addictive behaviour leads to higher hospital bills for the public sector and less cash for adequate and healthy food for these people.

According to the latest figures the government’s gambling monopoly has seen around a 30% fall in revenues from gambling. Kesko and S-Group have seen their profits reduced from this activity because they have seen the number of slot machines fall in number.

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