Slow-Brained Brits Leave EU to Join it Again!

Most people think that the EU is a club, but it is not. You do not join the EU like some golf club, where membership just gives you a right to enjoy certain privileges for eatiung, drinking and hitting a ball on cut grass. You may have the obligation to wear a nice tie or golf shoes, but the other members do not have the right to visit your home and play golf on your lawn. 

Membership of the EU is special because it is basically a two-way right for all members to travel, work and sell goods and services without hinderance inside the whole of the EU under commonly agreed rules and laws. It encompasses almost every area of life except things like taxes, education, and healthcare…

… and that is something that Brits just do not understand. 

Britains’s biggest trading partner is the EU and trade can only flourish with no tariffs and with minimal border checks. Losing free access to that market is nothing more than dumb.

But Brits have ben conditioned to believe that the EU is like a golf club where the club bosses are some evil uncles who want to cheat Great Britain out of its independence. Murdoch, Farage, May and Johnson have screamed that the UK gains nothing from the EU and is actually suffering huge financial losses and its independence because they are members. 

Johnson has achieved nothing more than almost the same agreement that May agreed with the EU last summer. Like Trump he congratulates himself for doing something that he thinks is great, when in fact it is a complete waste of time.

If a Brexit Deal goes ahead the UK will find itself negotiating again with the EU for a trade agreement. They will spend huge amount of time and money finding that making such agreements as a single country is hard. They will also see, but not admit, that such an agreement they finally sign will actually leave them in worse position that they currently have as a member of the EU. It will certainly not be better.

If they leave the EU without any trade deal on 31.10.2019 they will not have any trade deal with the EU and that will hurt them really hard. The EU will also be in no hurry to treat them kindly for fear or encouraging others to leave.

Shooting yourself in the foot is a common act of stupidity from politicians who should never have been elected in the first place. We have plenty of them here too in Finland – do you want the names as well?

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