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If you are a normal boss, at whatever level in your company or other organisation, it is a good bet that your email box is full of questions and answers from your bosses, assistants, and business partners about all of the ongoing projects that you are involved in.

We all have to deal with the big and small projects, weekly and monthly meetings, budgets, new products, staff contracts, setting up new work processes, buying new IT solutions… the list goes on and on, and never gets any shorter.

Time is limited, and Sunday evenings creep up with you sitting at your computer dealing with next week’s meetings and decisions.

You try to keep track of all of these important matters, but your email box is full of messages that keep on pouring in. There can be over 50 new ones each day, and they soon mount to several thousand in the Inbox!

We are not super human beings, and we miss deadlines, forget to prepare for meetings, delay and procrastinate because emails were not designed for being organised – they just became the “de facto” solution for decision communication.

A number of companies have developed solutions for easing the pain and one is a Finnish company called Fingertip Ltd. has made a serious effort to achieve smoother, more coherent and a more efficient approach to decision making for organisations

Fingertip is an online decision making application with a methodology that ensures collaboration, accountability, and transparency of decision making, and is one of the easiest ways to improve productivity.

They break the process down in 7 steps as illustrated above – from a draft idea leading to a proposal that is shared with collaborators and others involved. When the proposals is finally agreed upon a decision is to be made and executed, with a  final evaluation afterwards. Each step is run on schedules which are seen and followed by all collaborators.

The whole process is communicated between all collaborators with every step (for example, proposals, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, arguments for or against proposals, etc) being recorded and shared according to preset rights.

This application is available 24/7 on all devices in format that is designed to replace that awful email blockage that we all suffer from.

Fingertip is an online decision making application, designed for enterprise use, built on the secure, platform. Fingertip is a perfect companion to the existing CRM and related clouds. Fingertip works also stand-alone.

Fingertip was started in 2011 with the existing management and is in a fast-growing phase. The team behind the company are all experienced entrepreneurs from different business backgrounds located in Finland and India.

A number of large and mid-sized companies are already clients of Fingertip – normally they are companies who understand the importance of improving the decision-making process when faced with global competition.

Declaration of interest: The author of this article is a small shareholder in the company.


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