Stop Privatising Public Goods

Right wing governments like giving their corporate sponsors juicy projects that should never be allowed.

The Brits played with water – the ultimate public good and look what happened. Under-investment is a nice word for virtually no investment. Underground pipes leak and ground water is wasted while clean water ways are polluted with sewage… and the price of water goes up faster than Putin’s rockets for those that can afford it. Water is now being rationed in the UK because there is not enough, like meat and eggs during the second world war! Oh, the good old days…

Electricity was once a consumer product but this too has become a public good. You need it, we need it every day for keeping our homes, hospitals, schools, offices, universities and other buildings warm, lit and clean. 

We need it for the internet where banking, commerce, and much more flourish. 

We need it for TV, radio, telephones, Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc…

We need it for cars, trains, and soon boats and airplanes. Our economies cannot function being just as critical as water. 

In the Nordic countries electricity has been treated as a public good until Fortum invested in Russia and in Uniper where it was turned into weapon by Putin. Short-sighted, bonus-greedy management and right wing politicians pushed for privatisation when it should have remained under the national control of our government. Now we really do understand what sustainability means!

Main roads, national airlines, main airports, important cargo ferries, and public transport (trains, buses and trams) are public goods – we need them free of greedy funds that serve up big bonuses for the few and political funding for the right!

Healthcare, hospitals and schools are key public services and public goods. Privatising means that the wealthy enjoy better service and the rest can suffer… It is amazing that healthcare workers, including doctors, just say thank you very much for the low cost training and bugger off to the private sector for juicier rewards.

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