Strange Corona Numbers in Japan, Finland & S. Korea

If you look at the above table you will see some strange numbers from these developed countries…

The numbers of infections and deaths per 100 000 of the population are very different within Europe and compared toileting other countries – there is no good explanation.

People talk about testing – the more you test the smaller the infection rate – but that argument works for S. Korea, but not for USA which has only started testing!

Also the average age of the population is another factor – the higher the average age the greater the number of deaths – but that does not work out for Japan, Germany or Finland all of whom have bigger shares of older residents in their respective populations.

Then there is the timing of infection – again that does not seem to work because Italy, Spain and Norway are very distant from China, while Korea and Japan are right next door!

Healthcare in the Nordic countries is similar and very good but just look at the variation!

In any case we have today’s numbers – let’s wait for another week and see how much the numbers and ratios change.

This is a strange epidemic… 

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