Sugar tax in UK is a reality – so our boys are lying…

According to The Lancet, Britain’s leading medical journal, the UK is about to introduce a sugar tax that will have the following results:

“In 2015, the UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition published a report1 on the evidence for the association between consumption of carbohydrates and health. The report clarified the role of sugar for development of dental caries and identified sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) as a specific risk factor for weight gain and type 2 diabetes, recommending that SSB consumption should be minimised.”

So the Finnish government has repealed a sugar tax that is based on false information to the electorate, that is if the Brits are not lying…

The Lancet says that there are “significant health benefits, especially among children.”

Naturally, obesity in Finland is not a problem, even though we top the list for the incidence of obesity with the UK, and judging by the above statement it looks like the present government cares little about preventive care for children!

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