Surprise Yourself in Siuntio’s Cafe Moss!

Not many people think of visiting the centre of Siuntio, a small quiet village that is the administrative centre of the municipality of Siuntio. It is a sprawling area of forest and farmland just 30 minutes from Helsinki. The main village is on a main railway line between Turku and Helsinki with a handful of shops, cafes, a gas station, schools, healthcare center, and the municipal town hall!

On a hot sunny afternoon lunch was badly needed by your correspondent who is working on a project nearby. I decided to drive north some 5 kilometres to the town center from the E5, the Hankoo main road.

At first sight, arriving there for lunch appeared to be a mistake because there was just two restaurants – one “Pizza & Kebab”, and another called “Cafe Moss…”

… but after travelling in dozens of cities around the globe, I have become an intrepid explorer because you never know what to expect around the corner in the most awful looking places…

… and Cafe Moss proved me right once again… I am always reminded of an old hymn called “Look to the Saviour on Calvary” that have repeating line that has stuck in my mind “Look, and thou shalt live!”

Standing by the door of Cafe Moss was a Chinese lady, Ms. Hu Fang, who was waiting for a customer to arrive, and I was the chosen one!

I had really wanted to have a pizza for lunch but we all know that they are not a healthy food – the more cheese and ham, the worse they are… so the idea of having a Chinese Soy-Marinated  Egg salad noodle bowl was a really appealing healthy alternative. I have fond memories of eating such food from Singapore and Hainan where I working and lived.

The cafe is a small and only offers four lunch options each day, but they are varied and all based on tasty Chinese recipes made from fresh local Finnish ingredients.

The meal was delicious in a small well-lit and spotless cafe, with the tempting scent of quality coffee, and the sight of creamy cheesecakes, ginger biscuits and cinnamon buns on show next to the espresso machine. 

I’ll not go into the details of her story of how she arrived in Finland, but suffice it to say that she has been running this cafe for two years and it is full of interesting surprises:

  1. All of here products are sourced from local farms and producers – the flour and other ingredients are as far as possible organic – and they are tasty. Her cheesecake was excellent – creamy light and not too sweet, with fresh berries and herbs on top.
  2. Her ginger biscuits are prepared according to Hu Fang’s secret recipe. They were soft, gingerly with just the right amount of body. I cannot say much more because I am meant to be on a diet!
  3. The coffee, cappuccino, was perfectly made, and compares accurately with the picture below from her Facebook website. She uses coffee from a high quality local coffee roaster – Cafetoria.

As usual for all FinnishNews’ restaurant listings, only the best and outstanding paces get to be on our limited recommended list. We do not accept any discount or free food like the journalists from the big media companies. We just like honest to goodness great food and service, where value for money is always kept in mind.

This is the link to the Cafe Moss website

She also manages to sponsor local artisans and artists with art shows, ceramics and interest lamps for the home – all worth a stopover to see what is for sale from skilled folk who have few places to show their work.

Cafe Moss is a strong recommendation..

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