Swedes Admit that Finland Is Better

It is extraordinary that Sweden’s leading newspaper, SvD, has just published a podcast on their site with the headline:

“So Finland became the best at almost everything.”

Quite an admission after 150 years of being somewhat maligned by almost every Swedish politician who, along with many others, have always treated Finns as their Little Brother – oh that Swedish superiority complex…

Your correspondent, then a very junior Finnish banker, can always recall the words of an old senior Swedish banker who sat with him on a flight to Helsinki from Stockholm in 1974. He said quite proudly:

“Yes, we saved and fed them (meaning Finns) in the last war against the Russians…” except this man was busy doing something else with one of the other Northern European armies that were not really helping Finland…

The Podcast is interesting and partly in English and appears to be outside their paywall:


Have fun like the rest of us in Finland…

… and yes, there are lots of nice people in Sweden to!

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