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The Swiss are lucky according one Finnish resident in Zurich who told the FinnishNews writer that Switzerland is just and upgraded version of Finland!

The Swiss Review (https://www.revue.ch/en) has recently reported some interesting and relevant numbers about Switzerland – they share a startlingly close resemblance to Finland!

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Switzerland’s care homes and hospitals increasingly need more personnel. In 2018, 2,900 men and women completed training in this field. An additional 2,700 nursing professionals arrived from abroad. The number of foreign care workers has increased by 21,000 in the last ten years.


Some 300,000 new cars were registered in Switzerland last year. Compared to the previous year, new cars in 2018 were less environmentally friendly, accounting for 3.6 per cent higher fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions (2017: 134 g/km, 2018: 138 g/km).


According to the federal government’s Swiss social statistics report, the number of people experiencing poverty in Switzerland rose from 615,000 to around 675,000 between 2014 and 2017. Single mothers, children, and the long-term unemployed are particularly affected.


Swiss bobsleigh duo Beat Hefti and Alexander Baumann received their Olympic gold medals 1,957 days late. They returned from Sochi (2014) with silver, but the winning Russian crew were eventually disqualified for doping.


On 26 June 2019, the 0°C threshold in Switzerland began at an altitude of over 5,000 metres above sea level, with many high-elevation localities experiencing record high temperatures, e.g. Davos (29.8°C), the Fuorn Pass (28.1°C), and Säntis (21.0°C).

First published in the Swiss Review this summer and written by Marc Letter

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