Systematic Danish support for Ukraine

Denmark, along with other Nordic countries, is doing a fine job supporting Ukraine which put our American friends to shame.

Two years ago, Russia launched its brutal, illegal and unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine️.

Denmark continues to stand firmly behind Ukraine and the Ukrainian people’s fight for freedom and justice. In total, they have donated approximately €4.9 billion in military, civilian and humanitarian support and have committed more than €9 billion in support to Ukraine until 2028.

Fact sheet
To get an overview of Denmark’s support to Ukraine, see ‘Fact sheet on Denmark’s support for Ukraine
For information about Denmark’s humanitarian support to Ukraine, see Danish humanitarian support to Ukraine

A special partnership with Mykolaiv
Denmark has taken patronage of the reconstruction of Mykolaiv and has recently opened an embassy office in the southern Ukrainian city. Reconstruction efforts focus on:

  • green transition
  • infrastructure
  • transportation
  • development of a conducive private sector
  • civil society engagement and democratization
  • anti-corruption and reforms

It is time for the Americans to show their True Colors to keep democracy strong alongside their European allies.

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