“Taxi fares fall because Minister has increased competition and deregulation”, says the fairy god mother

Taxis will be free to charge what they like from 1.7.2018. The Minister claims that deregulation will be good for consumers because it will lower prices and improve services. She also claims that it will be good for taxi drivers and companies. 

The new regulations for taxis will deregulate taxi fares, while also allowing companies to own taxi licences, and finally a taxi can be hailed from anywhere. This, the Minister claims, will attract new actors into the taxi service business and will make the sector attractive for younger workers. All taxi drivers will still be required to be licensed.

After months of hard work the taxi regulator has come with the above proposal, which you can see on their website. Every taxi must post the above yellow label on their windscreen. It is almost the same as the one used in Sweden where wild pricing is so bad that you can end up paying 10 times more for than the cheapest fare if you chose the wrong cab.

With this new label and unregulated prices, you will be free to chose the cheapest taxi, if you have time and a small computer, while standing on a freezing corner during a dark night in the snow, after waiting for a free taxi to arrive on the empty streets. You only have to check the price, do the calculation and jump in. Of course if the price is not to your liking because it is substantially higher then you are free to chose the next cab that will come along in 30 minutes…

The label is written in Finnish and Swedish do don’t bother trying to read the instructions if you are not fluent in either language…

The label is not very transparent and tells you nothing about the actual cost when you arrive – the Uber application is much more informative. For all of their talk about DIGITAL solutions the ministry and regulator seem to be hopelessly lost.

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