Test AI by Asking “Is Trump Dishonest?”

The answer will come back saying that he has told lies – many in fact on a regular basis and he keeps on repeating many even though they are not true! The Washington Post have listed over 30 000 lies!

However, this wonderful electronic calculator does not simply state that he is dishonest, but goes into a long explanation that appears to absolve him from dishonesty in the eyes of his supporters! The final statements make Trump appear to be and on off dishonest person, when all AI needed to say that “Trump is a dishonest person!”

Here is the answer from the AI system:

Donald Trump has been accused of dishonesty throughout his career, both in business and in politics. He has been known to make false or misleading statements, often without retracting them or acknowledging that they were wrong. Some of his most notable examples of dishonesty include:

  • Claiming that he saw Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New York City.
  • Claiming that he had the largest inauguration crowd in history.
  • Claiming that he won the 2020 presidential election, despite losing by over 7 million votes.
  • Claiming that he was the victim of a “witch hunt” by the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s supporters often defend his dishonesty by claiming that he is simply “telling it like it is” or that he is being “politically incorrect.” However, his critics argue that his dishonesty is a serious problem that undermines his credibility and makes it difficult to trust him.

In 2017, The Washington Post began tracking Trump’s false or misleading statements, and by the end of his first year in office, he had made over 2,000 of them. The Post’s Fact Checker database currently has over 30,000 entries for Trump’s false or misleading statements.

Trump’s dishonesty has been the subject of much debate and discussion. Some people believe that it is a sign of his incompetence or lack of character. Others believe that it is simply a reflection of his business acumen or his negotiating style. Whatever the reason, Trump’s dishonesty is a defining characteristic of his presidency.

There are no excuses for open dishonesty from any president of any democratic country, especially ones with nuclear bombs. We have enough to fear from tinpot leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un! It is totally unacceptable top allow any person like Trump to become president when you combine:

  • His foolish affection for these two despots
  • His crazy statements that the USA should default on its debt if the budget is not reduced.
  • His denial of the massive amount of scientific evidence relating to climate change

He is a moron who is destabilising the USA and the rest of the world with his mad behaviour, and AI, in this way, is not exactly helping us to find a better way of life.

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